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Waisted Shirts – Fashionable casual looks with a tailored shirt

With their body-hugging cut they are just the thing for the fashion-conscious, successful man of today: fitted shirts, For Slim Fit models, this cut is characteristic, creating a youthful silhouette.

Waisted shirts accompany us on many different occasions. For festive evening events, models made of high quality materials such as silk are perfect. White or champagne-colored models always look good, but you can also use fresh pastel colors. Waisted shirts replace Comfort-Fit and wide-cut variants. They look serious and trendy at the same time. Too tight tailored jackets and slim fit pants fit them very well. Of course, the fashionable models can also be worn in combination with a tuxedo.

Not only in the professional environment, they are currently modern, but also appear in the casual fashion more and more often. Tight-fitting, fitted flannel shirts are the perfect companion to skinny jeans and chucks, for example. A stylish biker jacket makes the rocking look perfect. In summer, you can grab short-sleeved varieties such as floral prints or tropical prints and combine them with Bermudas or slim denim shorts. Casual men can look forward to casual denim shirts with a tailored fit. These models are great for the allover jeans look and can best be combined with slim-fit jeans and matching denim jacket. White sneakers give the outfit the finishing touch.