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The tank tops for sports and leisure

The typical tank top offers comfortable wear especially in summer and is available in a wide variety of designs. The tank top originated as an independent garment in the late 19th century when it was discovered by gymnasts and gymnasts. For her, the tank top meant greater freedom of movement on typical gymnastics equipment such as the rings and on the horizontal bar. Until the 70s of the last century the garment was reserved for the athletes, even if young movie stars could be photographed in a tank top – like Marlon Brando in “Endstation Sehnsucht”. However, in the 1970s, sleeveless T-shirts became socially acceptable in the mainstream. It was either the classic T-shirt cut, which was missing only the sleeves (so-called Muskelshirts) or the typical undershirt cut, where you used firmer materials and colorful colors to differentiate the new garment from the undershirt. Women wore not only classic undershirts with wide straps, but also undershirts with spaghetti straps as tank tops.

The term tank top is used mainly in the US for this garment, while in the UK of sleeveless shirts and in Australia of singlets is mentioned. In Germany, the tank top is also often referred to simply as a top. A tank top can be worn today on many occasions: The Marc Cain Sports tank top in the gym or at the jogging on the lake is just as happy to buy as the iconic Diesel tank top, which has been casually worn for years to jeans. Many tank tops are embellished with beautiful appliqués such as ruffles or rhinestones, or made from colorful patterned fabrics, so they’re worn in the summer instead of T-shirts. This is how the tanktop cuts a fine figure in the office too. On the other hand, you can combine a simple monochrome tank top with a nice blouse or wear it under a blazer.