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Pleated skirt for women strict, accurate, simple and yet feminine

Ladies and girls in the pleated skirt Today, they are no longer referred to as stuffy – the pleated skirt is part of a classic women’s wardrobe and suitable for numerous occasions from business to casual to classic. The pleated skirt, made of straight, stiff panels, has the advantage of falling back into shape every time it moves, it does not wrinkle and makes a neat impression. Originally designed to provide women with wider hips – in times when body fullness was a status symbol, the pleated skirt made narrow hips wider. However, its practical aspects were quickly recognized by manufacturers of school and other uniforms: today, the pleated skirt is the worldwide symbol for a school uniform. Even the fashion designers did not wait long: The fashion designers Issey Miyake and Roy Halston discovered in the 60s and 70s, the properties of the pleated skirt, where work was outstandingly creative. Since long, the pleated skirt belongs to high fashion.

The pleated skirt is also popular, because all kinds of fashionable chic can be applied to it. On the one hand, it is not limited in length – everything from super-mini to knee-length copy to ankle-length skirt. The most common, however, are the Pleated Skirts worn, which reach to just above or below the knee. In a plain, plain colored specimen, a striking bodice, for example a blouse by Marco Pecci or Khujo, is very appropriate. If you like it classic, wear a starched white blouse and black shoes, for example from Marco Polo. Stylish ankle boots or elegant pumps, for example, make for an elegant look. The schoolgirl look with knee socks is also sometimes worn by ladies like and gives the wearer something girlish. A pleated skirt today is by no means stale or stuffy, but hardly any other garment has undergone such an image change and managed to put off its dusty reputation.