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Kent Collar Shirt – Shirts with Kent collar

Are you looking for a classic men’s shirt that brings you stylish through work and everyday life? Then timeless models with the popular Kent collar are a good choice. It is characterized by a medium height and a medium length of the tips. This fits one shirt Both narrow and wide ties are very good and can be combined with many different jackets.

For the first time, this collar shape came on in the 1930s. Its inventor is George, the first Duke of Kent. He was looking for a way to wear a wide tie knot without feeling hemmed in by it. Today, there are shirts with Kent collar in many different colors and materials. For everyday professional life numerous serious variants in muted tones are available. White, gray or light blue shirts are the ideal combination partner for chic men’s suits. On the other hand, in your free time, you can enjoy some of the more vibrant colors, such as the trendy berry tones. Since shirts with Kent collar are worn so much, you also have a wide choice of fabrics. Natural materials such as cotton, silk or linen not only feel comfortable on the skin but also provide a high level of breathability.