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Formal Men’s Clothing – When do you wear formal clothes?

Formal wear for men

In principle, it is relatively easy for men to be dressed correctly and appropriately in the job. Business formal – say: suit, shirt, tie and noble shoes – is a must in many industries. Of course, the dress code rules are by no means set in stone and are not only interpreted differently from one industry to another, but also from company to company. However, it is never wrong to dress better than one would expect – after all, getting clothes off is always possible.

When do you wear formal clothes?

Especially in case of intensive customer contact or in senior management positions, Business Formal is obligatory. Here, men always wear a two- or three-piece dark suit – whether single-breasted or double-breasted is up to personal taste. Common are colors like black or anthracite. But also a strong night blue, gray, brown or cognac are welcome. The rest of the clothes you agree best on the chosen suit color. Basically, a white business shirt and a dark, solid tie always fit. If you want to set accents, pinstripes, colored ties and pastel-colored shirts with stripes are allowed. You should never wear more than two patterns on the body at the same time. That means: If the tie is patterned, maximum stripes in the suit or shirt are allowed – never both.