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Esprit pants – timeless basics of selected quality

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The couple Tompkins lays the foundation for the international success of the Esprit brand in the late 1960s in sunny California with self-sewn garments. In the meantime, Esprit is one of the most well-known fashion labels worldwide. Like the entire collection, Esprit pants are characterized by timeless design and a touch of luxury.

Esprit pants: stylish, purist and confident

The versatile collection by Esprit, which not only offers a wide selection of women’s and men’s fashion, but also accessories and lifestyle trends, can quickly be reduced to a common denominator. The products are timeless and puristic and live from a touch of luxury, which is created by the first-class quality of clothing as well as by the sophisticated use of details. Esprit pants are made for men and women who prefer stylish, confident and natural styling. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist, urban look for work or leisure, or looking for high-quality basics for individual combinations, the brand presents the perfect blend of classically understated Esprit pants and creative models with subtle finesse or sophisticated mixes , Esprit provides experimented and elegant personalities with selected quality.

Esprit pants – timeless basics of selected quality

With different supermodels, who realize themselves in other areas apart from their job as a mother or entrepreneur, Esprit has selected individual faces for his campaigns. This self-image is reflected in the brand and especially in the Esprit pants. The authentic models with high wearing comfort leave plenty of scope for an individual interpretation. Combined with blouse, blazer and pumps during the day, they are also an eye-catcher in the evening with an elegant top, a statement necklace and a matching clutch. Fine fabrics and innovative material mixes are the basis for a practical look with a luxurious touch. The range of Esprit pants includes classic pleated models in timeless and fashionable colors, but also creative slim-fit specimens with glittering effect and elastane content for a perfect fit. The collection for men Esprit pants, which can be varied in business, leisure and everyday wear ,