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Cheap tunics with summery prints

These summery tops are wonderfully airy, extremely trendy and also very comfortable. Despite the usually rather wide cut, they have a very feminine appearance. Here at Sale you can cheap tunics Buy with or without print.

Summery plain models in the outlet

The monochrome summer parts are perfect for work and everyday life. In combination with a light linen trousers and a pair of sandals creates an elegant summer outfit for a small price. In sale you will find cheap tunics with long or short arms that can be combined with either pants or leggings. On particularly hot days, the extra-long monochrome models can be worn without a leg dress to a pair of flip flops.

Cheap tunics with summery prints

For the next summer vacation, the Sale offers a variety of colorful patterned tunics. Very popular are natural floral models. You can also opt for cheap tunics with ornaments or tropical prints. Folkloristic flair comes with the stylish crocheted tunics, which can be wonderfully integrated into a casual Bohemian look. Many models have a straight cut, others have an elastic at the waist, which puts their waist perfectly in scene.