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Cashmere sweater – fashion creations made of the finest wool

Cashmere sweater are among the finest items of clothing for both men and women. Depending on your preferences, the range of products extends from classic to trendy. Modern design and vibrant colors are the main features of the Cashmere sweater from Four [ti] Four, while the more conservative elegant variant can be found among others in Strenesse Gabriele Strehle. Since cashmere is a pure natural product and can only be handpicked processed, the falls Cashmere sweater accordingly also in a rather elevated price segment. Some designers, such as Gerry Weber, also offer cheaper cashmere sweaters made from a mix of cotton, silk and cashmere. The cashmere wool, which often appears under the name Cashmere, is obtained from the lower coat of the cashmere goat of the same name. The special feature of this natural fiber is that it is extremely soft and fine, and thus an extremely comfortable fit cashmere sweaters contributes. At the same time, the valuable, animal coat is very light.

Originally home to the cashmere goats in the region of the same name, which today extends over China, India and Pakistan. The goats, from whose wool the high-quality cashmere sweaters are made, appear there in 20 different breeds. Meanwhile, there are also breeding farms in Scotland, New Zealand and Australia. The production of cashmere sweaters and other garments has an age-old tradition and has been practiced for more than 3000 years. Even today, in the age of machine production, the processing of wool is still largely done by hand. For example, the coat must be combed out at the beginning of spring. Per goat, about 150 grams of wool can be collected, which must be sorted in the next step for colors, impurities or bad batches. Only after the process of Entengannens, in which the fine Unterhaar is separated from coarser covering hair, the wool can be further processed, for example, to a Cashmere sweater,