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Blue Ballerina Shoes – discover the great variety of colors

Blue Ballerina Shoes – discover the great variety of colors

Blue ballerinas are among the most popular shoes on the market. The flat shoes in a great shade of blue are real all-rounders, which can be worn to combinations of jeans and T-shirt as well as to festive dresses. There is much to discover in the design. Blue ballerinas with a round cap and a small bow are especially common. This variant is beautifully simple and combined with a dark blue ideal for a day in the office. Here they can be worn among other things to classic trouser suits or costumes or round off a simple shift dress. Ladies with such ballerinas in blue can be sure that the look is not too fancy and the outfit is consistent. In addition, there is blue ballerinas but also with delicate straps. A strappy ballerina in nightblue is for example recommended for office, everyday life and evening alike. The dark blue scores with a magnificent luminosity and the color is beautiful deep. In addition, ballerinas in blue with straps are often worn to skirts and dresses. Tie straps or straps on the ankle emphasize narrow fetters and are therefore a real, fashionable eye-catcher.

Find unusual, blue ballerinas for leisure

The Spangenballerina in dark blue and moccasins are absolutely trendy. In addition to the great color, the pretty ornaments on the cap are always worth a look. Silver buckles on a pointed toe or large gemstones on a round top enhance the shoe and make even simple outfits something very special. These blue ballerinas unfold their full fashion potential when combined into white pants. Blue ballerinas are a nice contrast to the light pants and the colors are perfectly matched. Furthermore, blue ballerinas may also like to work in two colors. In such variants, either the top of the shoe stands out in color from the rest or the seams are held in a striking contrasting color. There are ladies blue ballerinas, which convince with two different shades of blue or score through the contrast of two different colors. If you are looking for blue ballerinas and want to round off a modern denim look, you should opt for light colors. Shoes in ice blue, summer blue or even in a cool lavender are used very often for this purpose.